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Snorkelling is fun and a great way to experience the many treasures of the Great Barrier Reef! With easy access from the beach at Michaelmas Cay, people of all ages, whether you’re experienced or a novice, can enjoy the reef, quietly drifting over the myriad of corals and colourful fish. The Cay, with its calm, shallow waters, is ideal for first-timers and young families who want to experience it together. Most of the reef's diversity, around 90% of it, is known to be in the top 4 metres of the water.

A mask, a snorkel and fins are all provided and you’re set for your snorkel adventure on Michaelmas Cay. Our qualified crew are on hand to supervise and show you the basics (if you need them). Buoyancy vests are also provided and will help you stay effortlessly afloat as you discover the world below.

For some great snorkelling tips, make sure to watch the crew’s fun snorkelling demonstration on your journey to Michaelmas Cay too.

Lycra suits are available for adults and children entering the water, providing sun protection and reducing the possibility of stings and irritations from marine stingers that can frequent tropical waters seasonally. The lycra suits have long sleeves and legs with a hood and mittens. They're a great fun fashion statement and photo opportunity too!

Snorkelling can be a strenuous activity. Please use caution and inform our crew of any medical conditions.